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Monday, March 7, 2011

Holy Spirit Rocks Church to Save Children

I'm still high on it! Yesterday, my church (Servant of Christ) held a special service and outreach for the NSAMBYA EX-STREET CHILDREN ORGANIZATION (NESCO), an organization that is working hard to save children, orphans, from living on the streets of Uganda.

These children, out on their own with no one to care for them, their parents either dead from AIDS, or long gone, eat out of garbage cans, doing anything they can to survive. To some of these children, it is the only life they can remember having. There are 2.9 million orphans in Uganda. So what happened yesterday was a miracle!

Housing Uganda's Children (HUC) Founder Drew Sandbulte, along with Sue Sandbulte and Carole Isakson, came to Servant of Christ to update us on the progress of NESCO. Because I sponsor a child through NESCO, I was asked, along with another sponsor (Sandy Clark, who sponsors 3 children), to speak about my experience with the organization.

I wanted everyone to know how much these children need us. For an unbelievably small amount of money, a sponsored child can be housed, fed, and educated ~ cared for. I also wanted to say that we know the integrity of the people involved in this wonderful pursuit (Drew, Sue and Carol are all members of Servant of Christ), and that 100% of sponsor dollars goes to help the children.

I asked Jesus to speak through me, to use me for the children, as he would the others representing HUC and NESCO. Well, he did that for us and so much more!

At the first service, we told our stories and Drew gave an update.  Drew then went to the narthex to answer questions and display products that the children had made, when one after another people came to him and signed up to sponsor a child. The children most at risk of being taken out of the program due to lack of funding received sponsors first ~ every one of them!

At the second service, we again spoke about Uganda's street orphans. Again people lined up to get more information, make donations, and many, many more children were sponsored! It was unbelievable to see people reaching out to these children with big, open hearts.

We saw the Holy Spirit at work for these children, and I am so glad to have been a part of it!

HUC and NESCO are truly bearing fruit on the branch for our Lord! To learn more about these organizations and how you can help the children, visit their official website: Housing Uganda's Children.

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