"Be still and know that I am God." God ~ Psalm 46:10

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Here's the Truth About You

In reading Hebrews 9 from the New Testament, I was reminded of something so fantastic that the words alone can lift us up, bolster our self-esteem, and allow us to soar to greater heights in all that we seek to accomplish. It also happens to be one of God's enduring truths. Reflect on this:

You are enough because God's love for you is enough. There is nothing more that you need to do. God loves you in every move and decision you make or don't make, in everything you do or don't do. It doesn't matter what you say, who you are or who you are not, God will always love you.

And you are no accident or mistake; God knew exactly what he was doing when he made you. And he loves what he sees in you. Whether you are a writer, artist, musician, financial manager, stockbroker, salesperson, barista, or aspiring to be whatever, it's what God intended you to be when he created you.

So smile and just be, just as you are right now, knowing that no matter what, it is enough. 

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