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Monday, February 21, 2011

New Blog ~ Fruit on the Branch

Hello everyone,
I've been thinking about writing this blog for some time ~ that is to say that I'm sure God put it in my heart to use my gift of writing for Him, and I'm finally doing it!

I've read the bible (beginning to end took me about 1.5 years) and I've been studying and learning the word for quite some time. And now I want to share it with you!

The reasons for doing this are many, but the main reason stems from what is probably my favorite verse in the bible:
You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit ~ fruit that will last.  John 15:16 
In the first part of the verse, I love that God chose me to be "his". I'd never felt completely "chosen" before and the thought of it, of someone wanting me, loving me, exactly as I am, is the coolest thing ever! I know that my words sound rather childlike in my description of how I feel, but it seems that my relationship with God has finally become one where I recognize him as my father. That was a long time coming and we will discuss that in another post.

It took me a long while to recognize the second part of the verse, being the self-centered child of God that we can be, but in my maturing, it smacked me in the head like a wet tomato. He wants me to bear fruit!  That requires doing something. It requires being in service to God, which could mean a lot of different things: using our gifts, telling others about Jesus, helping others, reaching out to the orphans and widows, etc. Doing any of those things in the name of Jesus bears fruit on the tree of life.

So, I hope with the good grace of God to do just that. Thus, the title of this blog is "Fruit on the Branch". And I want to hear from you: your thoughts, questions, concerns, the fruits you are you bearing.

Let's connect today; I'm looking forward to hearing from you! May God bless your day!

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