"Be still and know that I am God." God ~ Psalm 46:10

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Creative God

God's creative spirit is all around us, although we often might take it for granted, or not consider it at all. And really, if we spend time pondering the magnitude of his creative expression, it's difficult to grasp! Thankfully, God does not require us to grasp it, only to thank him for the beauty of our earth, as well as for the way all the elements work together~the sky, earth, moon, sun, mountains, streams, seas, tree, flowers, animals...we could go on and on. It's incredible to think about, isn't it?

Creation is beyond our understanding, so maybe we should just take a fresh look at our surroundings and marvel in the earth's beauty, the sky's mysteries, creatures big and small, every child born, the person next to us, the rivers that flow, the leaves that fall on time, the puppy asleep at my foot, and for the creativity, talents, or wisdom he has gifted us with.

Read Psalm 104 for an eloquent, powerful, reminder of God's creativity and care for this world. The author is anonymous, but he/she is clearly in awe of God and is heartfully praising him for all that he's done.

I'd personally like to thank him for not leaving any of it up to me. (You may share this thought as well.)

May God bless your day!

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